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NAFSA 2024

Meet BONARD at NAFSA 2024, to share our latest research into student mobility data and discussing recruitment needs, trends and opportunities.

28 - 31 May, 2024

NAFSA 2024 | presenationJoin BONARD's presentation at NAFSA 2024

International education is a significant contributor to the states’ economies. By properly understanding the sector's economic impact, Study Consortia members can better leverage the sector’s data to attract investment, enhance recruitment results, create jobs, contribute to local economies and enhance global competitiveness.

That is why BONARD, alongside the U.S. Department of Commerce, Study Hawaii, and Study Pennsylvania, will deliver a joint session at NAFSA 2024 explaining how to strengthen U.S. international education and opportunities to compete globally. The presentation will delve into the relevant chapter in the National Export Strategy, with focus areas including stakeholder engagement and capturing economic impact data to garner wider support for international student recruitment.

Join us for this insightful presentation. This is an opportunity to learn about BONARD’s research into recent student mobility shifts in major study destinations as well as best practices on how to capture U.S. international education economic data.

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Igor Skibickij with Patrik Pavlacic will be present at NAFSA, available to share BONARD's latest research into student mobility data and discuss recruitment needs, trends and opportunities.

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