Over the years, we have accumulated a thorough understanding of global student mobility patterns, market dynamics, and key stakeholders.

Market Understanding Growth Strategies Recruitment Solutions


Market Understanding

Gain an unbiased insight into market demand, preferences, trends, and future outlook. Build a solid foundation for decision-making that factors in the latest information or delve into complex topics to inform policy-making.

“English New Zealand has worked with BONARD for many years on a range of industry activities. The quality of their work and service provision is excellent, and we greatly appreciate the level of support we receive from all members of the BONARD team.”

Kim Renner, Executive Director, English New Zealand


Growth Strategies

Guide your student engagement, retention, and recruitment activities, navigate market expansion, and inform product development based on insider knowledge. For the ultimate support, tap into our subscription model. 

"BONARD’s expertise in data analytics and market research within the education sector has been invaluable to our organization. Their commitment to accuracy, attention to detail, and prompt communication is a consistent feature. I wholeheartedly recommend BONARD to any organization seeking top-tier market research and data analytics services in the education industry."

Chris Nolan, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, ILSC Education Group


Recruitment Solutions

A range of B2C, B2B, and B2G solutions connect clients to vetted and carefully matched prospective partners and students. We focus on delivering ROI via an exceptional experience and building trust between delegates.  

“The Trade Mission format is actually ideal, because it’s a niche that nobody else really fulfils… we had twenty of some of the country’s best educational institutions participating, we matched them with the best agents out there through BONARD’s research.”

Gonzalo Peralta, Executive Director, Languages Canada


Purpose-driven outcomes 

Our philosophy puts clientssatisfaction at the heart of everything we do. According to their individual preferences, clients choose between a stand-alone delivery and a subscription model with full data access and year-round consultancy.

“The student housing market is not transparent and BONARD is improving this. Good and qualified data is essential in order to be able to make good investment decisions for our clients in the student housing segment. As an Investment Manager, acting in 11 countries in Europe, I have found that BONARD’s data helps us be confident about taking the best investment decisions. Furthermore, regular face-to-face meetings improve knowledge for both parties.”

Michael Fink, Catella Real Estate

Stand-alone delivery

A bespoke research project or solution to meet a specific objective.

Suitable for clients who require a tailor-made approach.

Our comprehensive spectrum of individual delivery types ensures we can accommodate a wide range of research-, advisory-, and recruitment-focused projects.

Annual subscription

Year-round access to in-house data, industry knowledge, connections, and curated news.

Suitable for clients who seek ongoing support.

Market data is regularly updated during the year and clients are serviced by a dedicated specialist. Includes exclusive benefits and features.


How can we help you today? 

If you are interested in exploring which service might be the most suitable for your organisation or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, please get in touch.