Recruitment Solutions

Familiarisation Tours

Boost engagement with selected recruitment partners to increase student intake. We design a stimulating immersion in your institution and the student experience you offer.

Leveraged by:

State and provincial bodies
Associations and study consortia
Education providers
Student housing providers


What can you expect?

Exclusive event

only accessible to agency owners
and decision-makers

Engaging agenda

customised to meet individual needs and preferences

Intensive schedule

to maximise value
for the host organisation

Stimulating outcome

that increases agency production
by as much as 50%

Key features

What is included?

Packed schedule that typically lasts up to five days and includes visits to multiple points of interest per day Bespoke event organisation and support, with comprehensive recruitment of 12 to 15 agents Agents are carefully screened based on source region or country, portfolio, sending power, and credentials
Attractive itineraries and value proposition for agents leveraging our experience of organizing dozens of fam tours Complex travel and accommodation arrangements
and on-site support during the event
Guidance on how to make the event successful
so that your invitees generate more business

Case study

EduNova Agents’ Familiarisation Tour






BONARD supported EduNova’s 2019 Agents’ Familiarisation Tour through the identification, pre-selection, and direct recruitment of 12 top-quality agents from Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

The Fam Tour included a visit to 10 of EduNova’s member language schools, high schools, and universities in five different cities across Nova Scotia. Participating institutions had the opportunity to open their premises and guide agent partners through their campuses and stimulate agents’ interest in their programmes/degrees. 

Thanks to our long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence, and professional and results-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.




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