Growth Strategies

Student Recruitment Strategies

We will help you set ambitious yet realistic targets. A carefully devised action plan will increase student enrolment while supporting your diversification and sustainability goals.

Leveraged by:

State and provincial bodies
Associations and study consortia
Education providers


What is included?

Initial assessment

of your value proposition
and the market landscape


of priority markets and
prospective partners


of a country-specific
recruitment channel mix

Action plan

featuring targets, timelines, budgets, and staff allocation

Key features

What can you expect?

A SWOT analysis of your institution or destination and
an assessment of its position in the global and local context
A shortlist of primary source markets
that also reflects their future potential
Practical country-specific strategies
on how to meet the proposed recruitment targets
Bi-weekly consultations with designated staff members
to maintain engagement during strategy building
Presentation of the strategy to key stakeholders
to bolster internal buy-in and strategy adoption
Deployment of progress monitoring tools to ensure timely implementation of the strategy and space for adjustments

Case study

10-year Marketing and Recruitment Plan




Study Hawaii


BONARD delivered an action plan detailing activities, timelines, and budgets that will lead to an increase in the intake of new international students in Hawaii to 24,000 per annum by 2026 (double recent levels). The plan also featured a strategy to achieve a diversified and stable international student population.

The document incorporated a synthesis of comprehensive market intelligence and BONARD’s in-field knowledge of the priority markets identified via an environmental scan.

Thanks to our long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence, and professional and results-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.




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