Growth Strategies

Business Development Strategies

Advisory for large-scale national and international projects that explore and develop strategic initiatives. A fusion of critical insights and key stakeholder engagement.

Leveraged by:

State and provincial bodies
Associations and study consortia
Education providers
Student housing providers
Service providers

Key features

What is included?

Initial feasibility assessment

of the business opportunity and outline of possible approaches

Robust research

involving dozens to hundreds
of organisations and participants

Sector consultations

that drive engagement
among leading stakeholders

Key recommendations

on how to materialise
the business opportunity


What can you expect?

Evaluation of the initial business opportunity, stakeholder involvement, possible challenges, and expected benefits Comprehensive primary research that encompasses quantitative surveys, in-field interviews, and focus groups Identification of key competitors and screening of their activity with regard to the business opportunity
Development of a strategy for all parties, which typically include
education providers, consortia, and governments
Moderation of follow-up interactive platforms (roundtables) that channel collaboration between decision-makers Ongoing reporting on progress and strategic advisory on emerging developments and their possible implications

Case study

Partnering for Success: Education-led Engagement Between Australia and Vietnam




Australian Government,
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


This project outlined five specific partnership avenues between Australia and Vietnam based on existing practices, emerging trends, and the most recent assessment of local market needs and preferences.

The resulting approach to achieving increased engagement was informed by a wide range of stakeholders, comprising English language schools in Vietnam, ELICOS colleges in Australia, representatives of both governments, accreditation bodies, and market insiders.

Altogether, the research involved 115 organisations.

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