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Fully-fledged alternative to employing a number of specialists on your own Ongoing stream of data and insights plus priority access
to industry news (market alerts)
Independent review of your institution (programmes, pricing, promotional activities) to identify areas for improvement
Regular benchmarking of more than 90 source markets and assistance with setting up student recruitment objectives Review of competitor activity and development of country-specific positioning strategies Proactive identification of business opportunities and suitable partners

Case study

Student Travel Business Barometer


2019 - present


Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA)


The Student Travel Business Barometer sheds light on the current state of student travel, providing a comprehensive understanding of the post-COVID recovery process and future prospects.

The 4th annual edition of the Student Travel Business Barometer, the only annual quantitative data resource of its kind for domestic and international student group travel, includes trend data for previous years and forecast data for the coming year. 

The Business Barometer also provides an analysis of trends and industry growth from 2019 through 2022.

Thanks to our long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence, and professional and results-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.




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