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White Papers

Address complex issues, raise awareness of new developments, or bring to light solutions that foster the development of international education.

Leveraged by:

Associations and study consortia
Education providers
Service providers
Student housing providers


What is included?

Holistic approach

to the assessment of an issue
or emerging phenomenon

Consultation series

with government bodies, institutions, and businesses

Impact scenarios

to gauge future development based on steps taken/not taken

Nonpartisan outcome

based on unbiased analysis and interpretation of the findings

Key features

What can you expect?

Comprehensive probe into an under-documented or newly-emerged area of significant importance Inclusive approach to surveying a range of target audiences, ensuring a balanced representation of opinions and views Establishment of standards, best practices, and guidelines as well as dissemination of knowledge that benefits the entire industry
Outcome that facilitates dialogue with key stakeholders by generating interest in emerging trends or innovations Elaboration of proposed actions and independent input for policymaking Assistance with awareness-raising and adoption amongst industry media

Case study

Enhancing Accommodation Options for International Students




International Education Association of Australia


This white paper elaborated on the student housing situation in Sydney and assessed the growing gap between enrolments and student housing capacity. It established a benchmark with other leading cities in key geographies and drew parallels with the definition and regulation of the student housing sector elsewhere.

The research informed Australian stakeholders about best practices for student housing developments and raised considerations about how best to action the findings in the context of Australian policymaking.

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