Trends Shaping the Future of Global English Language Teaching

BONARD’s first-of-its-kind English Language Teaching (ELT) Report captures the current state of the global ELT market and provides trends that will shape the industry in 2024.

December 11, 2023

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With most destinations nearing full recovery, new trends are shaping the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector. BONARD’s international education experts compiled the most complex overview of the sector’s performance in 2022, and analysed preliminary data from 2023 to outline where the sector is heading in 2024.

Introducing the Global ELT Annual Report 2023

BONARD ELT Annual Report 2023

From the statistics on the 2023 Q3 performance, a positive picture seems to emerge: 2023 should be the year when the sector can leave the pandemic in the past.

Based on the year-to-date information available, BONARD estimates that the sector will reach 90%–95% of its 2019 market volume in 2023.

Dr Ivana Bartosik, BONARD’s International Education Director, explains:

“The global sector is reconfiguring, with new source countries growing fast and other traditionally strong source countries which the sector relied upon – the likes of China, for example – being slower than expected in their recovery."

“We have also tracked some shifts in students’ preferences in terms of destinations and courses. While some of these shifts may be temporary, it is important for the sector to be aware of them.”

Ivana Bartosik

International Education Director

The full report includes data on the following:

ELT destinations benchmark

Source markets ranking

Factors shaping recovery in 2023

Emerging trends in the global ELT sector


Patrik Pavlacic

Chief Intelligence Officer

Ivana Bartosik

International Education Director

Sarah Verkinova

Senior Researcher Manager



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Prepared by BONARD’s team of experts on international education, the report tracks the current state of the global ELT market and emerging trends which will shape this sector in 2024.